Business Concept for China

We develop and propose a practical concept for your business in China from the evaluation of the current situation to a feasible new concept.

We point out opportunities, risks and unnecessary costs as the basis for understanding a concept which will enable your operation to be more competitive. We develop solutions for efficient use of resources and strengths. We propose improvement steps and execute these after your approval or we provide support while you lead the restructuring process yourself.

We are keen to work on the perfect set up for the foreign investor in China in order to be successful in China.

Germa-tech has a substantial record of successful foreign company establishments, restructuring, interim management, liquidation, coaching, staff training and sourcing projects, recruiting in China.

E. Augustin v. der Luehe is the General Manager of Germa-tech (Tianjin) Management Consulting Co. Ltd. which is active in China for over 20 years.

Business preparation seminars

In order to make the China entry successful a key is to understand some basics and be internally prepared for this step. Therefore, we seriously recommend to exchange and demonstrate some key ideas with top management before working on the China Strategy. After this core team has a basic understanding and concept the remaining people involved must also get the necessary information.

This seminar includes information on China’s economic development, approaches in business, market entry understanding and analyses of case studies of foreign companies in China.

Executive Search

Over 20 years of management consultation work in China with focus on Northern China, Germa-tech has a strong understanding of the workforce in the area, from top management to highly qualified specialized positions.

We are maintaining close relations to educational institutions and keeping track on potential experts in all business areas.

Due to our long-time activities in the area, we are knowledgeable about changes within industries, new potential people and consequent talent availabilities of which we can make use of. Our approach is to select form a pool of talented people with a proven record of performance at the same time we try to figure out the special requirements for the specific position and we will give recommendations for adjustments for JD’s in order to match the local workforce and still be able to cover the actual needs of the client.

Overseas Investment in Germany

Germa-tech is providing investment support and guidance for foreign investment in Germany. In cooperation with German lawyers and tax consultants providing full support for company establishment, related consultation services.

  • Market analysis
  • Business planning and development
  • Tax planning
  • Legal support
  • Administrative support
  • Secretarial services
  • Personnel services